Join us for an Open water swimming experience you will never forget.

We aim to provide swimmers with exhilarating, challenging and safe events, whatever their age or ability. So, whether it’s your first time or you’re looking for your next adventure, get out of the pool and take the plunge with the Loch Tay Swim.

Loch Tay is a freshwater loch in the central highlands of Scotland, 23km in length. Taymouth Marina is located at the east end of the Loch and provides an ideal base for our Loch Tay Swim events.


What’s Included

We have everything in place to ensure an enjoyable day and fantastic experience.

  • Professionally organised race
  • Full event safety team cover
  • Full race medical first aid cover
  • Chip Timing
  • Exclusive Race memento

Race HQ

Event car parking will be located at Kenmore Recreation Ground. Event Briefing will be at the start line at the Taymouth Marina, Kenmore village, located at the east end of Loch Tay, and around 10km from Aberfeldy on the A827.

PLEASE NOTE: Race Start is not at the Race HQ, The Race Start is at Taymouth Marina, within walking distance of Race HQ.  Race Briefings will be held at the race start area.

250m | The family-friendly option (15:00)

250 metres (the equivalent of 10 lengths of a standard 25 metre pool) of open water swimming/splashing/doggy-paddling in the beautiful waters of Loch Tay.

Suitable for Age 8 and above, every child aged under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (1 adult per child). In this case and adult is anyone aged 18+ years old.

Wetsuits are compulsory. Entry fee £20.


750m | Tay-K The Plunge (14:00)

A great place to start.

A great Introduction into Open water swimming. This is a 750m swim which is equivalent to 30 lengths of a 25m Pool. Average completion time 20 minutes.

This event is suitable for Entrants 12 years and over.

Entry fee £35 | Early Bird £30 (until 31st Jan 2022)


1500m | Tay-K It Further (13:30)

Get a feel for the open water.

This swim is suitable for swimmers of all abilities. The distance is 1500m which is equivalent to 60 Lengths of a 25m swimming Pool.

Average completion time 40 minutes, this event is suitable for those aged 16-years and above.

Entry fee £40 | Early Bird £35 (until 31st Jan 2022)


3000m | Tay-K It to the Limit (13:00)

A great open water challenge.

This 3000m distance swim is best suited to more experienced swimmers looking to go that little bit further. Equivalent to 120 lengths of a 25m swimming pool, swimmers must be able to reach 1500m (Half way) within an hour, Cut off times will apply to those that have not reached this point.

All swimmers must be aged 18 or above.

Entry fee £45 | Early Bird £40 (until 31st Jan 2022)


5000m | The 5K (12:00)

A full-on swim adventure.

This 5000m distance swim is best suited to more experienced swimmers looking to go that little bit further. Swimmers must be able to reach regular cut-offs (TBC, but assume approx. 1 hour per 1500m).

All swimmers must be aged 18 or above.

Entry fee £55 | Early Bird £50 (until 31st Jan 2022)


10000m | The BIG one! (12:00)

This 10000m marathon distance swim is really only suited to more experienced swimmers who have long swims (3K+) under their belt already.

Swimmers must be able to reach regular cut-offs (TBC, but assume approx. 1 hour per 2000m).

All swimmers must be aged 18 or above.

Entry fee £65 | Early Bird £60 (until 31st Jan 2022)


For 2023 we are introducing a non-wetsuit option into the Go Swim programme.

1500m SKINS | Tay-K It Further (13:45)

You must have previous experience of swimming without a wetsuit and preferably this should be at an Event. We will assume that in entering the skins option that you have been training for this event in skins and have suitable experience of skins swimming to be able to complete this event safely.

Tow Floats will be compulsory for all Skin Swimmers and you can purchase those from our friends at Lomo Here . Remember for all other competitors wetsuits are compulsory. Shortie type wetsuits are allowed if you are an experienced swimmer, but we recommend full length arms and legs due to the cold temperatures. If you are susceptible to the cold, we would also recommend neoprene hats, socks and gloves. Please see our wetsuit guidance Here for more information.

For anyone who has already entered the wetsuit wave we can offer you a straight forward transfer to the none wetsuit , just email us at

Entry fee £40 | Early Bird £35 (until 31st Jan 2022)


Sponsors & Partners

Lomo Swim Delivery Partner

We are delighted to be delivery partner on Swims at the Aberfeldy Triathlon for the seventh year. It is a great privilege and honour for Lomo to be a part of growing the sport here in Scotland and we look forward to another excellent weekend in the beautiful Perthshire Highlands.

Lomo are dedicated to bringing you the best value wetsuits, dry suits, dry bags, watersports and outdoor equipment that money can buy.

Here at Lomo we sell our sports gear directly to you through our own website in order to keep the costs as low as possible. Our wetsuits, dry bags and other accessories use only the finest materials, we simply cut out the middle men of other retailers to keep the costs down.

Check out our range of swim gear here.


Entrants 2023

The below list of entrants only includes those who have allowed us to share their entry.
If you have entered and would like to appear here, please login and edit your entry and tick to appear on website.

250m Entries

 Name Gender Age Category
kim EnglishFemaleV60
Michael RubyMaleV60
Margaret FollonFemaleV60
James ProwseMaleV50
Jayne MairFemaleV50
Karolina PailingFemaleV50
Fiona MunnFemaleV50
Susan MailerFemaleV50
Laura HarperFemaleV50
Cameron DreverMaleV40
Paul McLanachanMaleV40
Doug SpencerMaleV40
Robert GemmellMaleV40
Lynda JoyceFemaleSenior
Suzanne RubyFemaleSenior
Luke CoullMaleJunior
Freya DreverFemaleJunior
Arran DreverMaleJunior
Leon McLanachanMaleJunior
Zoe SpencerFemaleJunior
Jocelyn CroucherFemaleJunior
Howie GemmellMaleJunior
Sophie TaylorFemaleJunior
Oliver BARRITTMaleJunior
 Name Gender Age Category

750m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Anne TimmonsFemaleV70
Susan LuckyFemaleV70
Angela McCuskerFemaleV60
Kirsty KuzmakFemaleV60
Tricia WoodwardFemaleV60
Diane PeeblesFemaleV60
Denise ReedFemaleV60
Mike DavidgeMaleV60
Dorothy Burns-BrownFemaleV60
Michelle PeetFemaleV60
Belinda NortonFemaleV50
Julie DurieFemaleV50
Sarah JonesFemaleV50
Jon McKinneyMaleV50
Janice BaldFemaleV50
Ian McGrawMaleV50
Paula MCCOLLFemaleV50
John DoddsMaleV50
Audrey GilbrideFemaleV50
Mairi GorrieFemaleV50
Frank BoyneMaleV50
Lizzie DavidgeFemaleV50
Kirsty DrummondFemaleV50
Pamela RoccioFemaleV50
 Name Gender Age Category

1500m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Philip WallMaleV60
Ruth HerringtonFemaleV60
Shelagh ParkinsonFemaleV60
Karl PeetMaleV60
Ulrike DamerowFemaleV60
Stephen DEANMaleV60
Julie O'MalleyFemaleV60
Mark BoyesMaleV60
Jeremy FarberMaleV60
Suzanna WarrickFemaleV60
Christine DinsmoreFemaleV60
Margaret BreezeFemaleV60
Yvonne EarlFemaleV60
Allie GouldenFemaleV50
Fiona MillerFemaleV50
Grant EastMaleV50
Lorraine MastertonFemaleV50
Jill AinsworthFemaleV50
Bernadette PetrieFemaleV50
Eileen ThomsonFemaleV50
Isobel MccardieFemaleV50
Vanessa MacLeanFemaleV50
Clare BrydenFemaleV50
Lynne MilliganFemaleV50
 Name Gender Age Category

3000m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Rodger JenkinsMaleV70
Adrian GallagherMaleV60
John HarvieMaleV60
Nicolas GeorgeMaleV60
Jan DainesMaleV60
Mark SheppardMaleV60
Meg MaitlandFemaleV60
Catherine MacneilFemaleV60
Noah BernardMaleV50
Cory JonesMaleV50
Dave RobertsMaleV50
Michael McNamaraMaleV50
Chris MalthouseMaleV50
Alison ReadFemaleV50
Derek BrownMaleV50
Linlay AndersonFemaleV50
Duncan BeatonMaleV50
Kirsten MacLeodFemaleV50
Martin GoodladMaleV50
Martin GoodladMaleV50
Graeme RaeMaleV50
Jane ReesFemaleV50
 Name Gender Age Category

5000m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Margaret McGillFemaleV70
Linda MalcolmFemaleV70
martin hadlingtonMaleV60
Norma LoudonFemaleV60
Brian McCormackMaleV60
David PyperFemaleV60
Annie McHughFemaleV50
Iain DrummondMaleV50
Steven SmallMaleV50
Morag BrownFemaleV50
Libby DaleFemaleV50
Sarah MorrisonFemaleV50
Andrew SharpMaleV50
Claire GardnerFemaleV50
John OsborneMaleV50
bronwyn macaskillFemaleV50
Alison BullerFemaleV50
Nicolas René AUZEILMaleV50
Vicky BeggFemaleV50
Tony HigginsMaleV50
Jeremy MilneMaleV50
Dannie SeddonFemaleV40
Alexandra SheppardFemaleV40
Joanna ShortFemaleV40
Gordon CroucherMaleV40
 Name Gender Age Category

10000m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
David SpencerMaleV60
Aleksander GadomskiMaleV50
Helen HislopFemaleV50
Gavin CalderMaleV50
Archie PrenticeMaleV50
Anne TennantFemaleV50
Paul NelsonMaleV50
Neil CameronMaleV50
Hugh SellarsMaleV50
Karen SiddallFemaleV40
Alastair CurrieMaleV40
Alex WrayMaleV40
Fiona McGibbonFemaleV40
Hannah CarruthFemaleSenior
Michael ThomsonMaleSenior
Cat QuirieFemaleSenior
Nathan KennedyMaleSenior
Jonathan HughesMaleSenior
 Name Gender Age Category