Join us for an Open water swimming experience you will never forget.

In the heart of the Cairngorms and in the shadow of Cairngorm Mountain,  join us for an open water swim in this truly spectacular location.

At 300 metres above sea level you can swim in a loch that has one of the highest beaches in the UK!


What’s Included

We have everything in place to ensure an enjoyable day and fantastic experience.

  • Full land and water safety and First Aid team
  • Chip Timing
  • Finishers’ Medal
  • Finishers’ T-Shirt
  • Swim Cap
  • Bag Drop Tent
  • Changing Tent Facilities
  • Car Parking (£5 charge)

Swim HQ

Event HQ is Loch Morlich Beach and event parking is at The Hayfield with charge of £5 payable. There is NO overnight parking.


250m | The family-friendly option (12:00)

250 metres (the equivalent of 10 lengths of a standard 25 metre pool) of open water swimming/splashing/doggy-paddling in the beautiful waters of Loch Morlich.

Suitable for Age 8 and above, every child aged under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult (1 adult per child). In this case and adult is anyone aged 18+ years old.

Wetsuits are compulsory. Entry fee £20. 


750m | A great place to start (10:45)

A great Introduction into Open water swimming.

This is a 750m swim which is equivalent to 30 lengths of a 25m Pool. Average completion time 20 minutes.

This event is suitable for Entrants 12 years and over.

Entry fee £35 | Early Bird £30 (until 31st Jan 2023)


1500m | Get a feel for the open water (10:15)

This swim is suitable for swimmers of all abilities.

The distance is 1500m which is equivalent to 60 Lengths of a 25m swimming Pool.

Average completion time 40 minutes, this event is suitable for those aged 16-years and above.

Entry fee £40 | Early Bird £35 (until 31st Jan 2023)


3000m | A great open water challenge (9:45)

This 3000m distance swim is best suited to more experienced swimmers looking to go that little bit further.

Equivalent to 120 lengths of a 25m swimming pool, swimmers must be able to reach 1500m (Half way) within an hour, Cut off times will apply to those that have not reached this point.

Entry fee £45 | Early Bird £40 (until 31st Jan 2023)


5000m | A full-on swim adventure (8:00)

This 5000m distance swim is best suited to more experienced swimmers looking to go that little bit further.

Swimmers must be able to reach regular cut-offs (TBC, but assume approx. 1 hour per 1500m).

Entry fee £55 | Early Bird £50 (until 31st Jan 2023)


10000m | The BIG one! (8:00)

This 10000m marathon distance swim is really only suited to more experienced swimmers who have long swims (3K+) under their belt already.

Swimmers must be able to reach regular cut-offs (TBC, but assume approx. 1 hour per 2000m).

Entry fee £65 | Early Bird £60 (until 31st Jan 2023)


For 2023 we are introducing a non-wetsuit option into the Go Swim programme.

1500m SKINS | (10:30)

You must have previous experience of swimming without a wetsuit and preferably this should be at an Event. We will assume that in entering the skins option that you have been training for this event in skins and have suitable experience of skins swimming to be able to complete this event safely.

Tow Floats will be compulsory for all Skin Swimmers and you can purchase those from our friends at Lomo Here . Remember for all other competitors wetsuits are compulsory. Shortie type wetsuits are allowed if you are an experienced swimmer, but we recommend full length arms and legs due to the cold temperatures. If you are susceptible to the cold, we would also recommend neoprene hats, socks and gloves. Please see our wetsuit guidance Here for more information.

For anyone who has already entered the wetsuit wave we can offer you a straight forward transfer to the none wetsuit , just email us at

Entry fee £40 | Early Bird £35 (until 31st Jan 2022)


Sponsors & Partners

Message from Lomo

We are delighted to be helping with the delivery of Go Swim Loch Morlich for its first year. It is a great privilege and honour for Lomo to be a part of growing the sport here in Scotland and we look forward to another excellent weekend in Speyside. We stock a wide range of wetsuits, drybags and swimming equipment, please visit our website for more information.


Entrants 2023

The below list of entrants only includes those who have allowed us to share their entry.
If you have entered and would like to appear here, please login and edit your entry and tick to appear on website.

250m Entries

 Name Gender Age Category
Michael John TorranceMaleSenior
Victoria PatelFemaleV40
Gillian McTavishFemaleV60
Dawn BirnieFemaleV40
Logan GibsonMaleJunior
Lynda JoyceFemaleSenior
Claire HoustonFemaleV40
Rudi IsingMaleJunior
Isaac IsingMaleJunior
Craig IsingMaleV50
Sheena JonesFemaleV50
George RussellMaleV70
Marlie SmithFemaleSenior
Sharon SmithFemaleV50
Jacqui LaurieFemaleV40
Sofia LaurieFemaleJunior
Gerogie MuirFemaleJunior
Hazel DoyleFemaleV50
Rebecca DaleyFemaleJunior
Ewen ChisholmMaleV50
Heather ScottFemaleV50
Fiona MunnFemaleV50
Claire McPheeFemaleSenior
Gina BeesFemaleV50
Andrew CummingMaleJunior
 Name Gender Age Category

750m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Diane PirieFemaleV50
Neil PirieMaleV50
Tamasina CassidyFemaleV50
John MacleodMaleSenior
Emma SmillieFemaleSenior
Ainslie KenendyFemaleSenior
Vincent ServadeiFemaleSenior
Rory MarsdenMaleJunior
Isabel MarsdenFemaleJunior
Angela MarsdenFemaleV50
George DanceMaleSenior
Frank BoyneMaleV50
Daniel BoyneMaleJunior
Fiona GrantFemaleV40
Lillian MacRaeFemaleV50
Myra BeeFemaleV40
Eilidh MacRaeFemaleSenior
Marie WilliamsFemaleV40
Dawn HewatFemaleV50
Tara GrahamFemaleV40
Chris CardenMaleV60
Rory CardenFemaleJunior
Laura StarkeyFemaleV40
Calum SmithMaleSenior
 Name Gender Age Category

1500m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Andrew SharpFemaleV50
Kieran BuchananMaleV40
Adam MullenMaleJunior
Claire CullenFemaleSenior
Alison MannersFemaleV50
Stephen DeanMaleV60
Stuart MarsdenMaleV40
Megan GlancyFemaleSenior
Rosie Emma FraserFemaleSenior
Lyndie CameronFemaleV40
Michelle DenoonFemaleV40
Fiona StewartFemaleV50
Peter McClellandMaleV40
Jacki AdamsFemaleV40
Kate MorganFemaleV50
John HarvieMaleV60
Alastair MacPheeMaleV60
Craig HendersonMaleSenior
Tiffany RonaldsonFemaleV50
Megan MowbrayFemaleV40
Jodie FergusonFemaleV40
David QuinnMaleJunior
James RosenthalMaleSenior
Maureen Geraghty SathiFemaleV40
Lukasz JankowskiMaleV40
 Name Gender Age Category

3000m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
James BellMaleSenior
Bran GreeneMaleV40
Lucy BarrFemaleSenior
Lesley HillFemaleV50
Fraser SharpMaleSenior
Emma MccluskeyFemaleV40
Matthew HoughtonMaleV40
Joanne GordonFemaleV50
Zoe NewsamFemaleV40
Laura MurphyFemaleV40
Graham JamesMaleV70
Greig DawsonMaleV40
Katy FairFemaleSenior
Chris CardenMaleV60
Rachel ParkerFemaleSenior
Mark BoyesMaleV60
Hollie BartleyFemaleSenior
Bradley GilbertMaleV60
Michal SrokaMaleV40
Kate FitzgeraldFemaleV40
Andrew GreenhalghMaleV50
Dave GreigMaleV50
Gavin LiddleFemaleV50
Karen DowellFemaleV40
Samuel MolyneuxMaleV40
 Name Gender Age Category

5000m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Yvonne EarlFemaleV60
John LyonMaleV60
Annie McHughFemaleV50
Ian JohnstoneMaleV60
Amy LyonFemaleSenior
Lorn PEARSONFemaleV40
Colin HargreavesMaleV50
Alison BullerFemaleV50
Ronnie MacRaeMaleV50
Robert HallMaleV40
Michael MowerMaleSenior
Donald McCullochMaleV60
Ian FolkardMaleV50
Ray BurnsMaleV50
Robert JoblingMaleSenior
Charlotte SteelFemaleV40
Alice TisoFemaleV40
Gemma MorganFemaleSenior
Maia Kavanagh WilliamsonFemaleSenior
Chris MackMaleV40
Peter JarpsMaleV50
Rachael EdgarFemaleV40
Emma McGibbonFemaleV40
Alistair HooperMaleV40
 Name Gender Age Category

10000m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Clare LewisFemaleV50
Dyllan StruthersMaleV50
Chelsea DurrandFemaleSenior
Matthew OxleyFemaleSenior
Stewart BaileyMaleV60
Charles WatsonMaleV60
Kendra MorrisonFemaleV40
Claire HoustonFemaleV40
Hillary GeersFemaleV50
Mark DowellMaleV40
David GreenMaleSenior
Donal RodgersMaleSenior
Talia SarafilovicFemaleSenior
Kirsty EarleFemaleSenior
Michael ThomsonMaleSenior
William SpaldingMaleV50
Archie PrenticeMaleV50
Calum WilsonMaleSenior
Richard PrevostMaleV50
Lynn McComiskieFemaleV60
Marco WissingMaleV50
Neil CameronMaleV50
Kieran Leigh-MoyMaleSenior
Jamie AdamsMaleV50
Stewart PrinceMaleV60
 Name Gender Age Category