Join us for an Open water swimming experience you will never forget.

In the heart of the Cairngorms and in the shadow of Cairngorm Mountain,  join us for an open water swim in this truly spectacular location.

At 300 metres above sea level you can swim in a loch that has one of the highest beaches in the UK!


What’s Included

We have everything in place to ensure an enjoyable day and fantastic experience.

  • Full land and water safety and First Aid team
  • Chip Timing
  • Finishers’ Medal
  • Finishers’ T-Shirt
  • Swim Cap
  • Bag Drop Tent
  • Changing Tent Facilities
  • Car Parking (£5 charge)

Swim HQ

Event HQ is Loch Morlich Beach and event parking is at The Hayfield with charge of £5 payable. There is NO overnight parking.


250m | The family-friendly option (12:00)

250 metres (the equivalent of 10 lengths of a standard 25 metre pool) of open water swimming/splashing/doggy-paddling in the beautiful waters of Loch Morlich.

Suitable for Age 8 and above, every child aged under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult (1 adult per child). In this case and adult is anyone aged 18+ years old.

Wetsuits are compulsory. Entry fee £20. 


750m | A great place to start (10:45)

A great Introduction into Open water swimming.

This is a 750m swim which is equivalent to 30 lengths of a 25m Pool. Average completion time 20 minutes.

This event is suitable for Entrants 12 years and over.

Entry fee £35 | Early Bird £30 (until 31st Jan 2023)


1500m | Get a feel for the open water (10:15)

This swim is suitable for swimmers of all abilities.

The distance is 1500m which is equivalent to 60 Lengths of a 25m swimming Pool.

Average completion time 40 minutes, this event is suitable for those aged 16-years and above.

Entry fee £40 | Early Bird £35 (until 31st Jan 2023)


3000m | A great open water challenge (9:45)

This 3000m distance swim is best suited to more experienced swimmers looking to go that little bit further.

Equivalent to 120 lengths of a 25m swimming pool, swimmers must be able to reach 1500m (Half way) within an hour, Cut off times will apply to those that have not reached this point.

Entry fee £45 | Early Bird £40 (until 31st Jan 2023)


5000m | A full-on swim adventure (8:00)

This 5000m distance swim is best suited to more experienced swimmers looking to go that little bit further.

Swimmers must be able to reach regular cut-offs (TBC, but assume approx. 1 hour per 1500m).

Entry fee £55 | Early Bird £50 (until 31st Jan 2023)


10000m | The BIG one! (8:00)

This 10000m marathon distance swim is really only suited to more experienced swimmers who have long swims (3K+) under their belt already.

Swimmers must be able to reach regular cut-offs (TBC, but assume approx. 1 hour per 2000m).

Entry fee £65 | Early Bird £60 (until 31st Jan 2023)


Sponsors & Partners

Message from Lomo

We are delighted to be helping with the delivery of Go Swim Loch Morlich for its first year. It is a great privilege and honour for Lomo to be a part of growing the sport here in Scotland and we look forward to another excellent weekend in Speyside. We stock a wide range of wetsuits, drybags and swimming equipment, please visit our website for more information.


Entrants 2023

The below list of entrants only includes those who have allowed us to share their entry.
If you have entered and would like to appear here, please login and edit your entry and tick to appear on website.

250m Entries

 Name Gender Age Category
Kayleigh StevensonFemaleSenior
Debbie RamsayFemaleV40
Leon PatelMaleJunior
Reece PatelMaleJunior
Jackie MoxonFemaleV60
Laura HarperFemaleV50
Skelly Wilkin JaneFemaleV50
Margaret OzgurFemaleV40
Hannah TaylorFemaleV70
Sophie TaylorFemaleJunior
Susan MailerFemaleV50
 Name Gender Age Category

750m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Theodora GilbrideFemaleJunior
Audrey GilbrideFemaleV50
Sue MacGowanFemaleV60
Helen HeathFemaleV60
Pamela GrahamFemaleV70
Kirsty MortimerFemaleV40
Carly GrayFemaleSenior
Sarah JonesFemaleV50
Skelly Jane WilkinFemaleV50
Belinda NortonFemaleV50
Vanessa MacLeanFemaleV50
Leona SolleyFemaleV40
Murdo MorrisonMaleJunior
Omar PatelMaleV40
Carolyn WilsonFemaleV60
Gary MoxonMaleV60
Julie DurieFemaleV50
Dawn BirnieFemaleV40
Mairi Macleod-HammondFemaleV40
Dorothy Burns-BrownFemaleV60
Joyce BoydFemaleV50
Iona OloughlinFemaleJunior
 Name Gender Age Category

1500m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Patrick RamseyMaleV40
colleen scottFemaleV50
Christie FindlayFemaleSenior
Joolz FlynnFemaleV50
Jane WilkinFemaleV50
Tara GrahamFemaleV40
Annie RobinsonFemaleV40
Michelle BaguleyFemaleV50
Fiona GrantFemaleV40
Annie MedcalfFemaleV60
Hayley ReidFemaleSenior
Robin FosterMaleSenior
Carole BruceFemaleV40
Nikki BryanFemaleJunior
Lynne ThomsonFemaleV40
Kirsty MaitlandFemaleV40
Victoria CromarFemaleV40
Michelle DenoonFemaleV40
Ailsa ShawFemaleV40
Jill AinsworthFemaleV50
Lisa RiddellFemaleV40
David SimpsonMaleV40
Jacquie MacleanFemaleV60
Eilidh OloughlinFemaleV40
Christine DinsmoreFemaleV60
 Name Gender Age Category

3000m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Jan RobertsonFemaleV40
Rosalyn nicholFemaleSenior
Ally WeirMaleSenior
Roderick LeesMaleV60
Jennifer CannonFemaleSenior
James PearsonMaleV40
Eleanor CampbellFemaleSenior
Jamie GardyneMaleSenior
Drew SmithimmonsMaleV40
Hannah LaneFemaleSenior
Emily MoffatFemaleSenior
Katja JohnstonFemaleV40
Kerry SmithFemaleV50
Marie-Claude FontaineFemaleV40
Jos Van de PolMaleV50
Hemmer SimoneFemaleV50
Morag BrownFemaleV50
Watson WhyteMaleV50
Mitchell FraserMaleV40
Berit InksterFemaleV40
Annie McHughFemaleV50
Simon SmithFemaleV60
Selina SmithFemaleSenior
Sharon SmithFemaleV50
Ian CookMaleV50
 Name Gender Age Category

5000m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
David LonsdaleMaleV50
Shona GlasgowFemaleV40
Claire McPheeFemaleSenior
Halina ReesFemaleSenior
Rebekah BryanFemaleSenior
Julie GivenFemaleV40
Amani BeckerFemaleV40
Carol LewisFemaleV50
Tony HigginsMaleV50
Eddie RiachMaleV70
Jenni RiachFemaleSenior
Andrew ThomsonMaleV60
Jane ReesFemaleV50
Joanna PerryFemaleV40
 Name Gender Age Category

10000m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
William SpaldingMaleV50
Archie PrenticeMaleV50
Calum WilsonMaleSenior
Richard PrevostMaleV50
Lynn McComiskieFemaleV60
Marco WissingMaleV50
Neil CameronMaleV50
Zoe NewsamFemaleV40
Kieran Leigh-MoyMaleSenior
Jamie AdamsMaleV50
Stewart PrinceMaleV60
Nathalie NijsFemaleSenior
Max RichardsMaleSenior
Anna CrampinFemaleV40
Megan McIsaacFemaleSenior
Nathan KennedyMaleSenior
Natalie ReesFemaleSenior
Sheila KellyFemaleV50
Mary AhearneFemaleV60
Sara MerrinFemaleV50
 Name Gender Age Category