Wetsuit Hire

Lomo Watersports are offering wetsuit hire at £15 per person for the weekend (Fri-Mon).

Please email admin@lomo.co.uk to pre book yours!

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One key thing to look for in a wetsuit is that there are no seams under the armpits. As most movement takes place there, having a seam / stitching can cause irritation.

Check your neoprene thickness, which will not necessarily be the same throughout the suit: the thicker the neoprene the less flexible so typically look for thinner neoprene on the areas that will move a lot when swimming (e.g. legs and arms) and thicker on the torso which will generate less heat due to less movement.

In addition, the thicker the neoprene the higher the buoyancy, so select based on your preferred swimming position. If you’d like extra buoyance, try wearing a neoprene vest and shorts underneath your wetsuit.

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Swimming Goggles

There are various types of swimming goggles available, so how do you know which are the right pair for you?
Lomo offer two different pairs of goggles: clear lens and tinted lens versions.

Clear lenses provide high clarity and are ideal for pool training sessions and open water swimming in dull conditions.

Tinted lenses reduce glare caused by light reflecting off the water surface which can impair your ability to judge distance.  

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