Join us for an Open water swimming experience you will never forget.

World famous Loch Lomond is our venue – a truly spectacular location in the shadow of the mighty Ben Lomond. We are working closely with Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, and have their full support.

The loch has a proud history of swimming events, and we will be using the familiar entrance and exit points and course associated with the main slipway at Drumkinnon Bay.


What’s Included

We have everything in place to ensure an enjoyable day and fantastic experience.

  • Full land and water safety and First Aid team
  • Chip Timing
  • Finishers’ Medal
  • Finishers’ T-Shirt
  • Swim Cap
  • Bag Drop Tent
  • Changing Tent Facilities
  • Car Parking

Car Parking

Car Parking will be within the grounds of the Lomond Shores Retail Village near Balloch (follow signs from the A82).

The Race HQ village will be near the Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway and Maid of the Loch berth

Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park

Visit Scotland Loch Lomond

Getting there by rail

The nearest station is Balloch:

From Balloch station, there is a 10 min walk to Drumkinnon Bay.

250m | The family-friendly option (13:00)

250 metres (the equivalent of 10 lengths of a standard 25 metre pool) of open water swimming/splashing/doggy-paddling in the beautiful waters of Loch Lomond.

Suitable for Age 8 and above, every child aged under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult (1 adult per child). In this case and adult is anyone aged 18+ years old.

Wetsuits are compulsory. Entry fee £20. 


750m | A great place to start (12:15)

A great Introduction into Open water swimming.

This is a 750m swim which is equivalent to 30 lengths of a 25m Pool. Average completion time 20 minutes.

This event is suitable for Entrants 12 years and over.

Entry fee £35 | Early Bird £30 (until 31st Jan 2023)


1500m | Get a feel for the open water (10:45 | 11:15)

This swim is suitable for swimmers of all abilities.

The distance is 1500m which is equivalent to 60 Lengths of a 25m swimming Pool.

Average completion time 40 minutes, this event is suitable for those aged 16-years and above.

Entry fee £40 | Early Bird £35 (until 31st Jan 2023)


3000m | A great open water challenge (09:45 | 10:15)

This 3000m distance swim is best suited to more experienced swimmers looking to go that little bit further.

Equivalent to 120 lengths of a 25m swimming pool, swimmers must be able to reach 1500m (Half way) within an hour, Cut off times will apply to those that have not reached this point.

All swimmers must be aged 18 or above.

Entry fee £45 | Early Bird £40 (until 31st Jan 2023)


5000m | A full-on swim adventure (08:00)

This 5000m distance swim is best suited to more experienced swimmers looking to go that little bit further.

Swimmers must be able to reach regular cut-offs (TBC, but assume approx. 1 hour per 1500m).

All swimmers must be aged 18 or above.

Entry fee £55 | Early Bird £50 (until 31st Jan 2023)


10000m | The BIG one! (08:00)

This 10000m marathon distance swim is really only suited to more experienced swimmers who have long swims (3K+) under their belt already.

Swimmers must be able to reach regular cut-offs (TBC, but assume approx. 1 hour per 2000m).

All swimmers must be aged 18 or above.

Entry fee £65 | Early Bird £60 (until 31st Jan 2023)


For 2023 we are introducing a non-wetsuit option into the Go Swim programme.

1500m SKINS | (11:45)

You must have previous experience of swimming without a wetsuit and preferably this should be at an Event. We will assume that in entering the skins option that you have been training for this event in skins and have suitable experience of skins swimming to be able to complete this event safely.

Tow Floats will be compulsory for all Skin Swimmers and you can purchase those from our friends at Lomo Here . Remember for all other competitors wetsuits are compulsory. Shortie type wetsuits are allowed if you are an experienced swimmer, but we recommend full length arms and legs due to the cold temperatures. If you are susceptible to the cold, we would also recommend neoprene hats, socks and gloves. Please see our wetsuit guidance Here for more information.

For anyone who has already entered the wetsuit wave we can offer you a straight forward transfer to the none wetsuit , just email us at

Entry fee £40 | Early Bird £35 (until 31st Jan 2022)


Sponsors & Partners

Message from Lomo

We are delighted to be helping with the delivery of Go Swim Loch Lomond for its second year. It is a great privilege and honour for Lomo to be a part of growing the sport here in Scotland and we look forward to another excellent weekend in Balloch. We stock a wide range of wetsuits, drybags and swimming equipment, please visit our website for more information.


Entrants 2023

The below list of entrants only includes those who have allowed us to share their entry.
If you have entered and would like to appear here, please login and edit your entry and tick to appear on website.

250m Entries

 Name Gender Age Category
Poppy MarkFemaleJunior
Harper MilliganFemaleJunior
Cameron ForanMaleJunior
Eilidh SmithFemaleJunior
Daniel BoyneMaleJunior
Finlay MurdieMaleJunior
Orlaith TennantFemaleJunior
Nixon ThompsonMaleJunior
Robert HancockMaleJunior
Zoe SpencerFemaleJunior
Isobel McGillFemaleJunior
Inès ArmstrongFemaleJunior
Hugo MortimerMaleJunior
Kian GibsonMaleJunior
Caleb StewartMaleJunior
Lemoni JonesFemaleJunior
Emma GordonFemaleJunior
Kieran GordonMaleJunior
Lottie TomlinsonFemaleJunior
Charlotte JackFemaleJunior
Mac GallacherMaleJunior
Finlay ChasselsMaleJunior
Lewis McKelvieMaleJunior
Arwen McKelvieFemaleJunior
 Name Gender Age Category

750m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Mae MellanbyFemale
Rose EadieFemaleJunior
Jamie HodsonMaleJunior
elias bouissouMaleJunior
Merle DalchowFemaleJunior
Daniel BoyneMaleJunior
Ellen MacRaeFemaleJunior
Emily DowFemaleJunior
Edith ShawFemaleJunior
Eva CallanFemaleJunior
Murray CallanMaleJunior
Daniel HendryMaleJunior
Ellie WilsonFemaleJunior
Daisy McCormickFemaleJunior
Christina McdougallFemaleJunior
Rose OlusanyaFemaleJunior
Gemma MacRaeFemaleJunior
Theodora GilbrideFemaleJunior
Connor McCroreyMaleJunior
Murdo MorrisonMaleJunior
Luca SpenceMaleJunior
Tilly OwenFemaleJunior
Emily DickensFemaleJunior
Anjali PavriFemaleJunior
Rosa MellanbyFemaleJunior
 Name Gender Age Category

1500m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Susan CravenFemale
Dennis BancroftMale
Katy BarronFemaleJunior
David QuinnMaleJunior
Euan MitchellMaleJunior
Fergus McEwanMaleJunior
Jocelyn McKenzieFemaleJunior
Rebecca HarrisFemaleSenior
Graeme RichmondMaleSenior
Scott MillsMaleSenior
Kim TraversFemaleSenior
Mike HallMaleSenior
Naomi MooreFemaleSenior
Kathryn AppletonFemaleSenior
Kirsty BirneyFemaleSenior
Gillian M DinsmoreFemaleSenior
Collette McGuireFemaleSenior
Stewart McCallumMaleSenior
Jaimie McLeanFemaleSenior
Heather WardropMaleSenior
Eilidh McIntyreFemaleSenior
Stuart BurnettMaleSenior
Megan GlancyFemaleSenior
Islay MclauchlanFemaleSenior
emily turnbullFemaleSenior
 Name Gender Age Category

3000m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Isla CoullFemaleJunior
Allistair GrayMaleSenior
Nais HamelinFemaleSenior
Laura ScofieldFemaleSenior
Nikki YoungFemaleSenior
Jenny CollinsFemaleSenior
Hannah GeorgeFemaleSenior
Martina LitherlandFemaleSenior
Jack BradburyMaleSenior
Antonia MorrisonFemaleSenior
Cheryl WhiteFemaleSenior
Sheona MartinFemaleSenior
James LowderMaleSenior
Bethan Hall-JonesFemaleSenior
Katy FairFemaleSenior
Katie CameronFemaleSenior
Lucy Lynn-MaternFemaleSenior
Alex GreggMaleSenior
Paula SmallmanFemaleSenior
Jonny ElswoodMaleSenior
Daniel McRobertsMaleSenior
Rebecca RossiFemaleSenior
Emma RattrayFemaleSenior
 Name Gender Age Category

5000m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Issy NichollsFemaleJunior
Brian LaffertyMaleSenior
Fearghas MacKaveneyMaleSenior
Paul KivlinMaleSenior
Thomas ElswoodMaleSenior
Sean SarafilovicMaleSenior
Alexander Geary-JonesMaleSenior
Rachel ElnaggarFemaleSenior
Fraser DavidsonMaleSenior
Hazel MartinFemaleSenior
Gillian SmithFemaleSenior
Kirsty EarleFemaleSenior
Kevin McNamaraMaleSenior
Edward LovemanMaleSenior
Stuart AirzeeMaleSenior
Dory KovacsFemaleSenior
Hannah LaneFemaleSenior
Thomas HannenMaleSenior
Aaron DrummondMaleSenior
Rachael SmithFemaleSenior
Susan LoggieFemaleSenior
Tim GleesonMaleV40
Robert HallMaleV40
Ross McDonaldMaleV40
Lorn PearsonFemaleV40
 Name Gender Age Category

10000m entrants

 Name Gender Age Category
Connor StewartMaleJunior
Leigh JonesMaleSenior
Lewis DawsonMaleSenior
Sarah EmersonFemaleSenior
Elisa ManziFemaleSenior
Scott WoodMaleSenior
Ginnie KennedyFemaleSenior
Bethany DaltonFemaleSenior
Matthew OxleyMaleSenior
Ross PurdieMaleSenior
Matthew JacksonMaleSenior
Nathan KennedyMaleSenior
Tom ElswoodMaleSenior
Tom ClaxtonMaleSenior
Laura McguireFemaleSenior
Toby EsdaileMaleSenior
Elliot DuffMaleSenior
Hannah JonesFemaleSenior
Jasmine HarrisonFemaleSenior
Simon OakleyMaleSenior
Corrie KingMaleSenior
Craig WilsonMaleV40
Andrew GardnerMaleV40
Alison ChandFemaleV40
Karen RussellFemaleV40
 Name Gender Age Category